Why I am running

I was always taught to give back to our community and it will become a better place. My life has been dedicated to returning back to our towns, cities, counties, state, and USA. Whether as a police officer, director of a police youth organization, Scouts, President of the Jaycees, Masons, Elks, Rotary, Optimists, ministry, funeral director, leadership in our party, Conservative activist, Lottery Commissioner, Vice Chair of Habitat, Chair of United Way, My Wife Angie and I are blessed in our community work.

To enforce the laws of our state and improve crime fighting on a local level by providing resources and mutual aid to those areas where the crime waves has surfaced. 

To help generate economic growth by cutting the red tape and government bureaucracy that stifles our ability to prosper, and to create a climate that promotes the formation of new small businesses. Jobs, and reduce wasteful government spending and waste.

Albert Einstein once said, " It is every mans obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out."  My pledge is for the community and residents I represent first!

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