April 30th, 2018

Today, State Senate candidate A.J. Daoud (NC-34) announced the endorsement of Congressman Mark Meadows (NC-11) and Congressman Mark Walker (NC-06) in the four-way primary on May 8, 2018.
“This is a great honor and a very significant statement by North Carolina’s most conservative Republican leaders,” said Daoud. “I’m working hard to get the word out that unlike my opponents, I won’t raise taxes or put liberal unions above the hard-working residents of my district, and these endorsements leave no doubt whom the voters should elect for real conservative leadership.”
In support of his endorsement, Congressman Meadows said, “When I go to Washington to be a voice for North Carolina in Congress, as well as serve as the Chair of the House Freedom Caucus representing the most conservative wing of Congress, having A.J. Daoud is in the State Senate back home will give me confidence that North Carolina’s government is in good hands.”
Added Congressman Mark Walker, “We can count on A.J. Daoud, a small business owner, to be a true fiscal conservative who will strengthen the North Carolina economy by prioritizing tax cuts, creating jobs, and eliminating waste in government, the way I am fighting to do that in Washington.”
Daoud further said, “This is a critical election, with major decisions that will be made by the next State Senator on key issues regarding the future of our state, and its families and businesses.” Beyond the fiscal issues, he noted his background as a former police officer, support of protecting Second Amendment rights, as well as his former leadership of a non-profit that focused on gang prevention, will enable him to be tough on crime, while protecting law abiding citizens.
Daoud formerly served on the North Carolina Lottery Commission, where he helped oversee a two-billiondollar budget and was praised by former GOP Governor McCrory as the only fiscal conservative to provide more money for education by identifying and eliminating wasteful spending.
The father of two is married to Angie Thomas Daoud, a former NCGOP county chairman who is very active state-wide with the Federated Women’s Organization. A.J. and Angie live in East Bend.

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